Problem to Solve

Uncertainty & Indecision

What impact does hidden waste have on operational performance?

National debt, wasteful spending and political gridlock impact economic conditions. Business does not function well when faced with all kinds of uncertainties. We live in challenging times and face significant numbers of unknowns that make it difficult to make strategic investments. Erratic market conditions and poor fiscal policies are impacting wiliness to take unnecessary risks. The fact that trillions of dollars of capital is not being invested to grow business is a clear indicator that something is wrong. Business is simply not willing to take risks when political leaders act irresponsibly.

Uncontrolled government spending threatens ability to grow markets and create new jobs. The fact that government productivity rates are so atrocious means that a significant portion of taxpayer money is being squandered. Wasteful spending and irresponsible thinking is changing America’s ability to compete effectively. The only cure is radical realignment of policies and bureaucratic practices that impact ability to grow business.

Government functions based on spending taxpayer revenues – when this money is wasted and abused it impacts all Americans. When special interests and political ambitions drain ability to govern, it is time to make drastic changes. Business needs to function competitively. When taxpayer capital is not used wisely it impacts ability for American’s to compete effectively in world markets. To revitalize the American economy it is vital to simply bureaucracies that stand in the way of business. Outdated and inefficient policies and regulations help know one. Need to simplify bureaucratic systems to reduce waste, redundancies and bottlenecks have never been greater. The only solution is to modernize thinking and to reorganize government to meet changing needs of business to compete in a global economy.

Mass simplification of government systems and practices is vital to address national debt. At the same time, it is necessary to streamline the tax code to create a competitive environment for entrepreneurs. Public capital and government labor needs to be used wisely. Creating opportunity for the unemployed to engage in re-engineering government creates opportunity for public and private sectors of the economy to work together more effectively to find new solutions. Displaced workers who are impacted by downsizing government get opportunity engage in new training programs to learn skills needed to grow business. The objective is balance inter-working between government and business thereby creating opportunity to stimulate economic activity.