Problem to Solve

Role of Government

It is time to instill government by the people for the sake of human kind.

Challenge is in knowing optimum levels of performance versus when interventions become burdensome on conducting business. The best solution is somewhere between trade-offs and benefits. The fact that government cannot keep up with the pace of change is a serious problem. Large bureaucracies were needed to create economies of scale during the industrial era. Today, these bureaucracies are a detriment to business and American way of life.

Solutions must be driven by need to adopt to change. The labyrinth of regulatory systems combined with irrational liability laws and a corrupt tax code make it increasing difficult for American businesses to compete. The reality that there is political controversy over “who built what” is evidence of the problems we face. Fracturing society weakens the foundation of America life. We are at our best when we are at our worse. The solution is to find common ground, recognizing that we are all interconnected – one element of society cannot co-exist without another.

Government’s role is to set the stage, but not to build the business. When government oversteps its boundaries it creates costs burden that everyone must bear. When policies and entitlements dilute incentive to work, it means government has overstepped its bounds. America was founded on the fundamental principle of government for the people by the people not to meet the needs of self-centered politicians. Government’s role is in making it possible for infrastructure to support economic activity. Lack of accountability by political leaders is killing the American Dream. When government becomes “hostile” to business it is clearly time to enact sweeping change.

The only solution is to streamline government by performing deep analysis of rules and regulations to identify unnecessary imbalances that impact business and ability for entrepreneurs to earn success. Sweeping simplification and rationalization of all government systems and practices is needed to determine what is acceptable, fair and balanced. For America to move forward, it is vital to reaffirm and re-embrace capitalism as an essential part of being an American. We do our best when capitalism frees up natural wealth creation and reduces poverty.

Government’s role is to uphold balance and liberty to where American’s can achieve “earned success”. American was founded on principles that make it possible to pursue happiness. Our virtues are rooted in ability to promote personal integrity while creating a sense of seemliness in the way we live our lives. As American’s, we must always be concerned about those who depend on us. Each of us has a responsibility to each other - the rich are not our enemies. Stewardship is the heart of being American – it is what nurtures and restores our heritage and sense of liberty. At the same time, we must all contribute in our own way. Obligations are not always measured by the size of our tax bills, but by our actions.