Problem to Solve

Impact of Big Data

We are no longer capable of keeping up with the growth of information.

Insight is valuable when it helps to guide decision making. We create opportunity when we shift thinking and open to new ideas. We weaken ability when we become subservient to fear and uncertainty. Desire to overcome great diversity and complexity is often rooted in willingness to change situations. Paradox lies in our perceptions. What we see on the surface is usually dramatically different than what lies beneath. Gaining new source of insight creates opportunity to change the way we see things. Our mission is to exam how cause and effect impact the way we live and work. Our intent is to create new insight to change thinking about work practices and capabilities to find new ways to direct efforts and use of resources more efficiently.

Opportunity to change outcomes is often influenced by technology and information. Little is known about social media and how overwhelming amounts of information are changing the human experience. We do know that when technology and ability to create, manage and use information becomes burdensome, it impacts productivity. Gaining better understanding of how knowledge workers engage in particular activities is vital to learning how to improve productivity rates. Technology can enable or inhibit the way we live and work. Opportunity to learn how to make the best decisions helps us avoid becoming victims to forces of change. Taking the steps to root out issues that impact flow of commerce and ability to improve value creation introduces opportunity to drive global transformation of business and government.

It’s clear, global economic conditions are out of balance. It’s not possible to balance global flow of commerce without deep understanding of states and conditions that reduce effectiveness of business and government. The challenge is how to create the greatest common good for all people. Changing conditions is dependent on recognizing that:

  1. Business, industries and markets are global, multi-dimensional and constantly changing;
  2. Economic structures, processes and decision making are typically driven by beliefs/values (culture), practices (method) and some degree of logic (reason); and
  3. Technological advancements impact ability of knowledge workers (producers and users of information) and efforts to serve market demand.

The critical factor is perspective, especially when thinking is bound by tradition. Perspective plays a significant role in how we view "reality".

To gain better understanding of the challenges we face today, consider how perspective clouds issues and slow down decision making. Our world is very complex and interconnected. Global commerce flows 7 X 24 and geographic barriers of the past have been greatly diminished by modern communication and transportation systems. As markets evolve, so does need for new products and services. Opportunity to serve emerging markets is limitless, creating enormous possibilities for entrepreneurs and corporations who are positioned to compete effectively. The extent to which business takes advantage of new opportunities is contingent on ability, resources and quality of leadership. Productive organizations are best positioned to direct resources and efforts to meet changing demand to satisfy disparate needs of customers.

As lives of more and more people intertwine, so does need to break down barriers. While regulations to guide flow of commerce are necessary, there’s also need to improve use of resources and the time and effort required to meet demand. Creating a level playing field for conducting business is difficult, especially when systems of government, finance, healthcare, and energy / environment are out of sync with need for global renewal. The days of divide and conquer are over. The world is blessed with only so many resources. Mindless use and waste of resources impacts mankind and affects ability for people to co-exist and prosper. Working for the common good is not only needed, but required to maintain balance.

Essentially, people desire similar things – opportunity to provide, meet needs and live with some degree of security and self-preservation. Problems arise when special interests offset needs of a few at the expense of many. Learning more about who we are, what we do, what we want versus what we "really" need creates opportunity to bring more balance and harmony into the workplace and into our homes. Opportunity to do more with less is achievable! The solution is based on learning how to turn waste and inefficiencies into new opportunities to improve value creation that will drive economic well-being all over the earth. Timing has never been better! What we do today defines quality of life that will exist tomorrow. Get engaged, find out how you can contribute, what role you play and what this can mean to the future of mankind.