Problem to Solve


What will is take to upgrade our education system?

The fact that so many young people go into debt to get a decent education is troublesome. It is also discouraging to know how many well educated young adults are living at home with few prospects for find good jobs. The future belongs to those who develop unique skills needed to empower businesses. Anticipating the kind of skills that business demands is vital for preparing future generations for growth opportunities. One thing is certain; we must do a better job integrating business with education systems to create better opportunities for students to engage with business mentors.

Gaining better insight about the kinds of capabilities business demands is critical to improve educational institutions. Universities are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of business, but must learn new ways to deliver a more affordable education. Why should it cost $30K to $50K a year or more to get a decent education? It is important for educational institutions to consider new ways to meet the needs of young adults and existing workers who want to learn new skills and experience to compete in the world of business. Need to prepare students for future opportunities should be of great concern to parents, teachers and administrators. Need to find new ways to improve the learning experience is vital to everyone. The more prepared students are to compete in the world of business the greater the opportunity for all people to grow and prosper together.

Young adults represent the future source of pride and innovation for all nations. Taking the right steps to prepare new entrepreneurs for future opportunities is a big challenge. A good education sets up the foundation for hope and opportunity. Learning a trade or reshaping ability and skills to meet new demands of the workplace is a worthy endeavor. Opportunity to intern with scholars and mentors gives individuals opportunity to enhance the learning experience. It is difficult to learn everything in an academic environment. Getting real world experience working with seasoned professionals creates opportunity for entry level workers to apply newly learned skills and talent. Gaining understanding about the working world through the eyes of a business professional gives newcomers opportunity to learn “street smarts”. This type of experience enables students to round out their education.

Business is continually challenged with need to optimize how skill, knowledge and experience get distributed across an enterprise. Learning how best to manage and improve the human work experience is complex. Need to inspire, motivate and engage workers has never been more important. Productivity is a function of how well individuals are prepared and equipped with the necessary resources and capabilities to meet the demands of an organization. Workers who are passionate about their work are more effective in delivering results. Business is all about creating value and delivering exceptional products and services to satisfy demands of the market. The quicker entry level workers learn the value of delivering satisfactions to customers the sooner they grasp the meaning of success.

The future is open. Opportunity to create a more predictable future depends on what we know and how we act. Need to prepare workers for future opportunities is vital. Education plays a key role in setting up the foundation. Experience creates opportunity to learn through the workplace. It is not possible to learn everything in school. Ability to anticipate demand for new products and services often comes from gut instincts. Williness to take risks and to “think-outside-the-box” stimulates the learning experience. Businesses that know how to harness entrepreneurial spirit are best positioned to innovate and deliver value to customers. Opportunity to learn working with exceptional leaders produces invaluable insight and lifelong lessons. Need to create opportunity for students to intern in real world business situations is growing. Business, government and learning institutions need to find new ways to work together to round out the educational experience. The future of every nation depends on how well people are prepared to meet the demands of a changing world.